DKNS Lawyers supported Financial Literacy Day

Jakarta – Indonesia Youth Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Central Jakarta branch together with parties other support to implement an information dissemination and sharing the pack relaxed yet communicative and informative form of Talk Show and Seminar, Financial Literacy Day “Businessman Tough Understand Finance” on October 4, 2016 at Paramadina Graduate School, Energy Tower, SCBD, South Jakarta. DKNS Lawyers became premium sponsored for this event.
Donke Kahfi from DKNS Lawyers as a moderator of the talkshow about Financing Business session. Speakers, Tito Sulistyo (Director of the Indonesia Stock Exchange), Friderica Widyasari Dewi, Director of Central Securities Depository Jakarta (KSEI), Pack Danial, Director of LPDB Ministry of MSME, Muhammad Aaron Sampetoding – Commissioner Siner Reysen Main, Irwan Abdalloh – Head Of Islamic Capital Market Development Indonesia Stock Exchange, Rahmat Slamet – Marketing Director Prog Son, Prasetio – Director of Perum Mint Republic of Indonesia, Wisnu Darmawan – Director Valbury Securitas, BastaryPandji Indra, Prof Firmanzah, PhD – Rector of Paramadina University, SuwitoHaryanto – DirekturInvestasiMNCAsset Management , Iskandarsyah Rama Datau – Chairman HIMPI Jaya.
The number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia reached 1.65% which ideally is above 2% of the total population in Indonesia. This figure is still lagging behind compared to neighboring countries such as Singapore (7%), Malaysia (5%), or Thailand (3%), or compared to developed countries such as the USA (11%) and Japan (10%).
Is in need of continued growth in the number and variety of Indonesian entrepreneurs to help achieve better economic development.
Entrepreneurs continues to increase the number of danr agamnya, and continues to support the government in its development, but unfortunately only 4% of these companies can survive the first five years.
Some things could be an obstacle for newcomers to the world of business, such as marketing strategy, market, lack of knowledge in the field of Financial and still  other factors faced by new entrepreneurs. (Endang K. Saputra)

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